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14 October 2017 Special Event @ Tyne Cot NEDERLANDS onderaan


(c) MMP1917
On Saturday 14 October the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 and the municipality of Zonnebeke, with support from Toerisme Vlaanderen, organise a unique and free reflection moment at CWGC Tyne Cot Cemetery. 'Silent City Meets Living City' commemorates the more than 450,000 casualties who fell during the Battle of Passchendaele between 31 July and 10 November 1917. With nearly 12,000 graves and 35,000 names on the monument to the missing, CWGC Tyne Cot Cemetery is the most important silent witness of this battle. The organisers are still looking for participants who want to help that evening to illuminate the cemetery.

Sound and light performance
'Silent City Meets Living City' is not a classic commemorative ceremony. Thus no wreaths are laid or speeches are held. The reflection moment consists of a serene sound and light performance with music, evocations, personal stories and moments of silence. About 200 participants from different Flemish regions are involved. The museum has a lot of music especially made for this evening and will call on WW1 reenactors and drama societies for the evocation. All the graves and names at the Tyne Cot Memorial will also be symbolically brought to life by lighting. The organisers are looking for a lot of people who want to hold a little light this evening. Needless to say that these lights will play a very crucial role for  the reflection.

All welcome
'Silent City Meets Living City' originated from the idea that nearly 12,000 victims of the Battle of Passchendaele are buried at CWGC Tyne Cot Cemetery and that the whole municipality of Zonnebeke has nearly 12,000 inhabitants. Hence the title: A quiet city (the cemetery) meets the living city (greater Zonnebeke). Nevertheless, the museum opens this reflection moment to anyone, regardless of residence or nationality. Children are also welcome, if accompanied by an adult. The museum also provides educational packages for schools that wish to participate. After the reflection moment, GoneWest organises a concert of Tom Barman at the Zonnebeke chateau grounds. On Friday, 13 October, Filip Kowlier will perform. Those who combine both concerts or Barman's concert with 'Silent City Meets Living City' will receive a € 5 discount.

Free but pre-registration required
Participation is free but everyone must register before Monday 9 October at There you can choose between individual or group registration. From two people upwards, you will be asked to register as a group. On this website you will also find all information about the GoneWest concerts. Whoever wishes to combine both must buy a ticket and register for  the reflection moment. Those who  cannot register online for ‘Silent City Meets Living City’, can contact the museum by phone on +32 51 77 04 41. Shortly before 14 October, all participants will receive all practical information such as arrival time, parking space, entry point and  headstone.


Het Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 en de gemeente Zonnebeke organiseren, met steun van Toerisme Vlaanderen, op zaterdag 14 oktober om 19 uur een uniek en gratis reflectiemoment op CWGC Tyne Cot Cemetery. ‘Silent City Meets Living City’ herdenkt de meer dan 450.000 slachtoffers die tussen 31 juli en 10 november 1917 tijdens de ‘Slag bij Passendale’ vielen. Met bijna 12.000 graven en 35.000 namen op het vermistenmonument, is CWGC Tyne Cot Cemetery de belangrijkste getuige van deze slag. De organisatie zoekt nog deelnemers die die avond willen helpen om de begraafplaats te verlichten.

Klank-en lichtvoorstelling
‘Silent City Meets Living City’ is geen klassieke herdenkingsplechtigheid. Zo worden er geen kransen neergelegd of toespraken gehouden. Het reflectiemoment bestaat uit een serene klank- en lichtvoorstelling met muziek, evocatie, persoonlijke verhalen en momenten van stilte. Zo’n 200 deelnemers uit verschillende Vlaamse regio’s werken hieraan mee. Het museum laat speciaal voor deze avond heel wat muziek maken en doet voor de evocatie beroep op WO1-figuranten en theaterverenigingen. Alle graven en namen op het Tyne Cot Memorial worden ook symbolisch tot leven gebracht door verlichting. De organisatie zoekt veel mensen die deze avond een lichtje willen vasthouden. Het is overbodig te zeggen dat deze lichtjes op een bepaald moment erg cruciaal voor het reflectiemoment worden.

Iedereen welkom
‘Silent City Meets Living City’ is ontstaan vanuit het idee dat er bijna 12.000 slachtoffers van de Slag bij Passendale op CWGC Tyne Cot Cemetery begraven zijn en dat Groot-Zonnebeke bijna 12.000 inwoners telt. Vandaar de titel: een stille stad (begraafplaats) ontmoet de levende stad (Groot-Zonnebeke). Toch trekt het museum dit reflectiemoment open naar iedereen, ongeacht woonplaats of nationaliteit. Ook kinderen zijn welkom, mits begeleiding van een volwassene. Het museum voorziet trouwens ook educatieve pakketten voor scholen die wensen deel te nemen. Na het reflectiemoment organiseert GoneWest een concert van Tom Barman op het kasteeldomein van Zonnebeke. Op vrijdag 13 oktober treedt Filip Kowlier op. Wie beide concerten of het concert van Barman combineert met ‘Silent City Meets Living City’, krijgt €5 korting.

Gratis maar vooraf registreren
Deelnemen is gratis maar iedereen dient zich wel voor maandag 9 oktober te registreren via Hier kan je kiezen tussen een individuele of een groepsregistratie. Vanaf twee personen wordt er gevraagd om je als groep te registreren. Op deze website staat ook alle informatie rond de concerten van GoneWest. Wie beide wenst te combineren, dient een ticket aan te kopen en te registreren voor het reflectiemoment. Wie zich niet online kan registreren voor ‘Silent City Meets Living City’, kan telefonisch contact opnemen met het museum via 051/ 77 04 41. Kort voor 14 oktober krijgen alle deelnemers alle praktische info zoals aankomsttijd, parkeerplaats, instappunt en grafsteen.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Pekama Rongoaia Kaa visited by Whanau first time after exactly 100 years!

Captain Pekama Rongoaia KAA was killed in action exactly 100 years ago together with three of his men; Sejeant Richard HALE, Private Vivian RURU and Private Ponga WINIANA. Only Pekama was buried at Kandahar Farm, the three others are resting at Underhill Farm Cemetery.

He was only 7 days promoted to captain, he had just returned from leave in Paris when he and his men were shelled by the Germans around midnight on 14 August. Two men were killed and several others wounded. Pekama ordered the survivors and wounded to retire, but stayed behind to help carry the deceased men. When the trench was shelled again, 23-year-old Pekama was killed together with one of his men.

His grave with NZ flag and Dolores crosses
For the first time in 100 years, the Ngati Porou Whanau could officially mourn over his grave.

You can read more about him here:

It was an honour to welcome Reverend Canon Te Rangi Matanuku KAA and his family in Belgium today to remember and commemorate this 23 year old Captain who died much to young as so many during WWI..

Before coming over to the Western Front they have been interviewed by Maori TV:
there was also an article in the Gisborne Herald newspaper:

His grave at Kandahar Farm Cemetery - II G 10

Reverend Canon Te Rangi Matanuku KAA and his family around the grave of Pekama Kaa
His headstone is one of the 33 New Zealanders in this cemetery

left is the Ultimo crater in Comines-Warneton, behind them is Messines.
This is the place where Pekama was during his last day alive at the front.

Ultimo crater filled with water is on private property

Ultimo trench (c) Australian War Memorial

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Holz Brothers died exactly 100 years ago

Someone (John?) has been there before us this week

Garry, Mary and Daile paying their respect
It was a special day for the Holz family today. They visited the graves of 2 great uncles who are buried next to each other. The third brother was badly injured. 

These are the soldiers who died exactly 100 years ago and are buried at Motor Car Corner Cemetery
Wellington Regiment
3rd Bn.
A. 17.
Auckland Regiment
3rd Bn.
B. 11.
Auckland Regiment
3rd Bn.
B. 13.
Auckland Regiment
3rd Bn.
B. 12.
Auckland Regiment
3rd Bn.
B. 15.
Auckland Regiment
3rd Bn.
B. 14.
Wellington Regiment
3rd Bn.
A. 15.
Wellington Regiment
3rd Bn.
A. 16.
Auckland Regiment
3rd Bn.
A. 18.
We have reason to believe they were billet in this neighbourhood

Those soldiers are from the 3Bn and have never been in combat with their regiment because the first and only time the 3th Battalions went into battle with the 4th Brigade was on 4 October 1917, the Battle of Broodseinde.

The Holz brothers were killed in Nieppe while they were at their billets in Pont de Nieppe.

some Kiwi soldiers were billeted around this church in Nieppe.

You can read more about the Holz brothers here: or visit the temporary digital exhibition in Messines.