Thursday, 15 September 2016

Longueval, Battle of the Somme commemoration

Prince Charles in Kiwi uniform with the French minister of Veteran Affairs

Military Musicians from the New Zealand Forces. They have been outstanding! you also see the Mayor of Staples, Eddie Defevere. He has only one New Zealand Soldier buried in his village (Charlie Hillman from the Maori Pioneer Bn) and his village give him always he same honours as for the French. I suppose what you are doing for one Kiwi, you are doing it for the whole Nation.

The New Zealand Minister of Defence

The New Zealand Chief od Defence with a French General

HRH the Prince of Wales and the NZ Minister of Defence

The First Row, also with Ambassador James Kember from Paris.

The New Zealand Maori Cultural Group

Also a photo of the New Zealand Maori Cultural Group performing during the ceremony

Sir Peter Jackson has offered some WWI airplanes for the ceremony

HRH The Prince of Wales will lay a wreath

HRH paying his respect to the Men on the Missing Memorial and all those who died or were injured

The NZ Maori Culural Group and the official photographer of the NZDF.

Some very well known NZ-ers

HRH Prince Charles in a meet and greet with the Minister of Nieu and the President of the Niue RSA

The NZ Memorial at Longueval, exactly the same as the one in Messines and Passchendaele. Those three places are places of special interest in the hostory of the NZ Forces during WWI.

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