Sunday, 4 September 2016

Commodore (Ret'd) David Palmer RNZN in Ieper/Ypres

It was a special day for me on 3 September to welcome Commodore (Ret'd) David Palmer RNZN and his wife Rosemary in our region again. He has been here before but he promised to come back to pay his respect to his forebears with some more time. He did a battlefield tour in Northern France in the trail of the New Zealanders, after he has been already doing a battlefield tour in Flanders with me in the past. We had a nice evening together and we could share a common history. It was also nice to know that his wifes great great grand mother was a Belgian lady.

Commodore Palmer reading the Ode under the Menin Gate

By chance it was the same weekend as the forging of the poppies on the market place in Ypres / Ieper.  Commodore David Palmer is living in Christchurch, New Zealand and a Christchurch blacksmith was forging 100 iron poppies for the new memorial remembering lives affected by WWI! This memorial will be placed near the German Cemetery in Langemark, but during this weekend the public could help to forge poppies in Ypres/Ieper.

With his wife, daughter and granddaughter at the Memorial on the market place in Ieper/Ypres.

You can see the story of the New Zealand blacksmith from Christchurch who made about those poppies on this link:

More general you can see more

about the project here

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