Sunday, 13 March 2016

Found: Relatives in New Zealand of Chaplain James Alexander McKenzie

James in his younger years

James as Chaplain in his uniform
I'm very happy to tell we found the relatives of James Alexander McKenzie. The grandson of James sister (James next of kin during the war) was sending me those additional pictures this week. So we have enough material now to commemorate this remarkable man who was sending money for the poor little children of Fleurbaix, a small village in Northern France. He started to give something in 1916 when he was in Fleurbaix with the rifle brigade. After the war he continued his work until  world war II. During the German occupation it was not possible to stay in contact with the officials in Fleurbaix, but after the war he made contact again with the mayor of the village.
It's possible that there will be a commemoration in Fleurbaix in September this year. If I have a positive confirmation I'll anounce it on my blog and/of on the facebook page with the same name (TheBelgiansHaveNotForgotten).

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