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4 October 1917 - 2015 - s Graventafel

Field Marshal Haig's Own Pipes & Drums marching to the monument
 Sunday 4 October 2015 was the first time since 2007 that we've got a ceremony at 's Graventafel to mark the day of the Battle of Broodseinde.

It was very special because the war was linked to sport. The day before the Defence Blacks played a game against the Belgian National team.

Ypres Barracks Commander and Province Commander
Of course the link is obvious Dave Gallaher who was shot at 's Graventafel in the early morning of 4 October 1917 and he has been brought by  stretcher bearers thru stretcher bearer relay post to Wieltje at St Jan, a suburb of Ieper/Ypres. There he was loaded into an ambulance and brought to the Casualty clearing station of 9 Elms in Poperinge were he is buried. We are not sure if he died underway or in this CCS.

Field Marshal Haig's Own Pipes & Drums

 Of course all victims are remembered on ceremonies as these and there was a special tribute for the brothers who died here together. In the ceremony of 4 October, there was a special attention for the 3 Newlove brothers who died here in the same week!

A special moment was also when Fred Deburghgraeve played a special composed (by the bands Pipe Corporal Lennerd Dubois) dedicated tune "A sportsman's Lament". It was the first public performance. Fred is a former Olympic Gold Medal Winner (1996 in Atlanta).
the Buglers, ready for duty
We are very proud he was with us. Minister Hon Maggie Barry handed over a token to him after his performance.After the ceremony, the crowd went to the Old Cheese Factory , near Waterloo Farm and Berlin Wood to inaugurate the Nga Tapuwae memorial plaque.

welcome from local dignitaries to the guests

Hon Maggie Barry, her partner and the NZ Ambassador to Belgium Paula Wilson

Last Post Association Buglers during the Last Post

Standard Bearers

sGraventafel monument after the wreath laying

LtCol Mike Beale, Army Adviser

Hon Maggie Barry ONZM MP, Ambassador  Paula Wilson, Maj Gen P. Kelly MNZM CA, Capt Shaun Fogarty MNZM- Attamil

Hon Maggie Barry ONZM, MP with Fred Deburghgraeve

The Defence Blacks
The Defence Blacks during the ceremony
's Graventafel, the NZ Memorial
Hon Maggie Barry
Major General P. Kelly, MNZM Chief of Army
wreath laying by Mayor Sioen and Alderperson Vanderhaeghe on behalf of the people of Zonnebeke
wreath laying on behalf of the NZ Defence Forces
wreath laying on behalf of the Belgian Defence Forces

Dignitaries marching off from the ceremony at 's Graventafel towards Belle Vue Height

photos Willy & Peter Roets

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