Monday, 1 June 2015

Thank you New Zealand / Tena koutou Aotearoa

I'm very grateful for the many mails, messages, phone calls, to be tagged on Facebook, etc... regarding the Queen's Birthday Honours and to become an Honorary Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

I'm very pleased, proud and grateful to call myself now officially an honorary Kiwi.

It's a highly appreciated recognition for me.

I’m very grateful to New Zealand, to you and all the people I have worked with in Belgium and New Zealand.

This recognition is also because of the awareness we brought to New Zealand - but also in Belgium - about the involvement and sacrifice of New Zealand Soldiers on the Western Front.
Without the help of so many New Zealanders and Belgians it would not have been possible to achieve what has been done.

My prime objective is to remember and commemorate WWI to increase community awareness and recognition of the events on the Western Front especially for those countries and people who have been forgotten during ages of history.

A good friend from New Zealand said today; you are always saying: the Belgians Have not Forgotten but this time I can say to you: The New Zealanders have not Forgotten.

So, I’m very grateful to all of you who helped me to achieve my objective.

One of the Belgians


  1. An Honour well deserved, congratulations from all in the New Zealand Veterans Band. We all appreciated everything that you did for us in 2012

  2. I appreciate you guys!! well done. Very congratulations from all in the New Zealand Veterans Band.

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