Sunday, 28 June 2015

Battlefield Tour from Passchendaele to Messines in the trail of some New Zealanders

Lt NZ Royal Navy Benjamin Martin (left) and LtCol Marcus NZ Army at 's Graventafel
Saturday, two New Zealand Officers had a day off and could do a battlefield tour. LtCol Marcus Linehan was in search of his great uncle who died with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade on 3 February 2018 at Reutel in Beselare/Zonnebeke. He is buried in Polygon Wood Cemetery.

Lt Arthur Harry Charlton KIA 3 February 1918
It was the first time Marcus was visiting the grave of his great uncle and it was for all of us a moving moment to pay our respect to Lt Charlton. Arthur came here in the winter on 6 December 1917. This was just after the attack on Polderhoek Chateau (3 December 1917). He was the only officer killed in February 1918 in the NZ Rifle Brigade in Flanders. He was one of the 3,000 New Zealanders who have been lost in the Winter of 1917-1918.
Lest we Forget!

Having a quick lunch in St Jef, former Old Cheese Factory restaurant.

Both together with the NZ soldier in Messines.

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