Saturday, 1 February 2014

ANZAC delegations in Zonnebeke/Passchendaele

An important ANZAC delegation came today, January  31,  to Zonnebeke/Passchendaele area to prepare ANZAC day in our region.
Aussies and Kiwi's facing Polygon Wood
Both embassies; Australia and New Zealand  have been for a couple of days in our region to meet some key people in order to prepare the first ANZAC day of the centenary.
there was also a delegation of Veteran Affairs from Paris (Australia) and  a delegation from London (New Zealand). Both countries will highlight ANZAC day with more specific remembrance and commemoration events. Nothing will change about the general program but there will be more military and cultural involvement the next coming four years.
facing the Stone of Remebrance and the butte.

As you can see, we took a picture from both sides on Butte's New. at the background you can see the Australian Memorial for the 5th Division on the first picture and the Memorial for the missing New Zealanders on the second photo, to be diplomatic they said!