Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sgt Charles Sciascia, KIA 31/07/1917

 In 2007 the Sciascia Family came from New Zealand to Belgium to honor Sgt Charles Sciascia. Exactly 90 years after his dead, they dedicated a memorial in the vicinity of the place where he was lost during the attack on Warneton/Waasten on 31 July 1917, the very first day of  the Battle of Passchendaele.

38 members of the family came and yesterday, nearly 95 years after his dead, some members came back to honor Sgt Sciascia and to inaugurate a new plaque with a description of the monument.
The new panel
 It was also here that Leslie Wilton Andrew earned his Victoria Cross (Citation: "On 31 July 1917 at La Bassee Ville, France, Corporal Andrew was in charge of a small party in an attack on the enemy's position. His objective was a machine-gun post which had been located in an isolated building, but on leading his men forward he encountered another machine-gun post which was holding up the advance of another company. He immediately attacked it, capturing the gun and killing several of the crew. He then continued with his attack on the original objective and finally captured the post, killing a number of the enemy and putting the remainder to flight.").
On the new panel you can read about Charles Sciascia. Just click on the picture.

local veterans with their standards

welcome to the family and the guests
The Mayor of Warneton/Waasten
the Sciascia family, laying a wreath
members of the family received a Council Medal fromt he Mayor

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