Saturday, 9 June 2012

Congratulations for IFFM

Today, Saturday 9 June 2012,
a concert behind original WWI photo's
It was the official opening of the (re)new(ed) In Flanders Field Museum in Ieper.

Mrs Helen Clark.
Mrs. Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand, was keynote speaker at
the official opening.
Together with M. Geert Bourgeois, Flemish minister of Tourism, M. Gunter Pertry, West-Flanders deputy for
Culture and Education, M. Luc Dehaene, mayor of the City of Ypres and M. Frans Lignel, chairman of the
museum, she presented the fully renovated In Flanders Fields Museum.

The new museum is more than worth to visit, it's very well done and stunning. All the people involved have done an excellent job. We want to congratulate them all with the fantastic job they have done.

Every speaker said wise things, and we are very happy with that.
inside the museum

Mrs Helen Clark mentioned the Auckland Passchendaele Society and the fact that she accepted to be the patron of the Society. Since the Genootschap Passchendaele Society 1917 is Honorary Member of this Society we are very proud she was invited here as keynote speaker.

there are also beautiful displays

the interaction between the modern museum and the old cloth hall is awesome

the Coordinator Piet Chielens explains the display

this is very special, the black shades are showing the marks of WWI bullets in a tree who continue to grow until late 20th century


  1. We were there in 2007:

  2. Wonderful to be part of opening ceremony yesterday. Helen Clark