Saturday, 28 April 2012

New Zealand Veterans Tour 27/04/2012

 Today it was a very special day for two reasons; they went to Le Quesnoy and this evening they got also the farewell concert.
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the grave of Henry Nicholas VC

Michael Petterson did a lot of work to have a memorial in Christchurch for Sgt Nicholas

A small Kiwi cemetery in France behind a ancient chapel
Martin wrote a chapter in a book about Le Quesnoy and is a Kiwi living in Belgium. He was staying here the whole ANZAC week to help us

the Le Quesnoy memorial for the NZ-ers

ready for duty

3 deputy Mayors and 2 members of the Le Quesnoy-Neo-Zealandais Association
the NZ VeteransBand

a Maori giant in Le Quesnoy (on the left !)

an artwotk, Maori carving, inspected by Major Wood

the restaurant in Le Quesnoy

A shop in the restaurant, typical French

Lucien, member of the Le Quesnoy - Neo-Zealandais Association  sings Pokare Kare Ana in maori language
having a nap

having a better nap on the motorway to Zonnebeke

start of the farewell concert

Major  Brandon Wood

The New Zealand Veterans Band

the 3 ADF Singers

Rebecca Woodmore from New Zealand was giving a fantastic performance of the human voice

singing the Belgian National Anthem in Dutch/French is not easy at all but they did it!

the first VIP row with Mayor, Aldermen and Special Guests

It was a fantastic and outstanding concert in Zonnebeke Church. We are very grateful to all the performers! 
Till We Meet Again.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

New Zealand Veterans Band Tour

It was early day for the Veterans Band group to visit the former Battlefield of Passchendaele
with 's Graventafel, Belle Vue Spur, Tyne Cot Cemetery,
The German Cemetery Langemark and Essex Farm Cemetery and of course a visit of the
Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917.
searching family
At noon a light lunch in the Old Cheese Factory.

Tonight they will play under the Menin Gate again.

Tomorrow they give a Farewell Concert in the Zonnebeke Church after another day visit to Le Quesnoy and Beaudignies in France.

Please see some more pictures from the Dawn Service and from today at Tyne Cot.

It was, again a very moving day for the group but I hope they it will be a journey never to forget for them!

at the end of the Dawn Service
 the band in action!
The 3 ADF Singers

volunteers after helping with breakfast
Rik Ryon, Belgium artist made for ANZAC day a bird from a piece of concrete from a shelter at Polygon Wood and copper from the Battlefield

The Mayor of Zonnebeke in Kiwi outfit, with his greenstone from Waimakariri ,his life time membership pins from RSA Rangiora and the RSA tie!

Martin, a Kiwi living in Belgium is pointing out the names of the Newlove boys
The Veterans Band meets the Auckland group with Herb Farrant

Bugler and Piper are playing together in the NZ Apse at Tyne Cot Cemetery to honor the Missing New Zealanders