Monday, 18 April 2011

Special Request for ANZAC week

We believe this soldier is a Kiwi!
We don't know his name, rank or number. We only have a picture. His cap badge could be Signals Corps (NZ Engineers) badge. During WW1 the NZ Signals was part of the Corps of Engineers.
We are not sure but it’s quite reasonable that this man was killed here during WWI.
There is a special story about it, a love story between a Belgian Girl (Lia was her name) and the New Zealand Soldier. We would like to give that man a name....and perhaps a happy end after almost 100 years!
He seems to be the father of a Belgian boy during WWI, but the mother  never had contact with him again.
Her son was born on October 31st 1918 and registered in Somerset House,  Marylebone, London.

We suppose this soldier died or disappeared between February and November 1918.
Around the first 3 months of 1918 he should have been in London.
Roger married on April 11, 1942 and had also children who are still alive. Roger's son Patrick is in contact with me and he  also has children.

The boy's name was Roggie, later Roger.


  1. Have you had any luck finding him yet?

    Two closest matches I can find are Roger Crowther Reynish. From Canterbury NZ, one of three brothers in WWI.

    And Cyril Frederick Lionel Everton.

    Have you been able to find out any more information since Apr 2011?

    Interested to find out.

  2. Have you had any luck identifying this soldier? Do you have a clearer photo available?

  3. No, we didn't. No other photograph available.