Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Devastating earthquake in Christchurch

Our thoughts and our sympathy are with the victims and family of this devastating earthquake in Christchurch.

David Ayers, Mayor of Waimakariri District is reporting:
The Waimakariri District got through today relatively OK.
There is a lot of liquefaction (again) in Kaiapoi and Pines/Kairaki and further damage to buildings - but none of the tragic loss of life and damage experienced by Christchurch.
Our infrastructure has largely survived.
Our main worry is local people who would have been in Christchurch at the time of the quake.

On this site you can find the Google Person Finder if you are looking for someone.

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  1. A tribute to the victims of the Christchurch earthquake:

    Please donate and help via the official lines on that page.