Saturday, 3 October 2009

04 October 2009

First Alderman Franky Bryon arrived in Auckland on the 3th of Ocotber and has met already some people involved in the commemoration and remembrance services that will be happen from today till 12 October 2009 and marks the start of the exhibition "the Belgians have not forgotten";
North Shore City in Auckland is the last stop before this exhibition who honours the sacrifice of New Zealand will be dismantled and send back to Belgium.
We , here in Belgium, are very grateful to everyone in New Zealand who was involved in this project because without their most appreciated help our dream would never have been turned out so well.
New Zealand should know that we have done this to bring Passchendaele (or at least a part of it) to the Country who brought the biggest sacrifice in relation to their population during WWI. The Country who raised money during the war since 1914 for those "poor little Belgians".
We did it also for the people who can not afford to make this trip to the "Uttermost end of the Earth" for various reasons (medical, financial, lack of time, ...) .
Finally we hope that we brought some knowledge about our common history, your ancestors and your families. We will take care of those who rest here in peace as they were our own boys. That's our ultimate goal, passing on the message to the next generations so they will not forget what really happened on this battlefield called "Passion Dale" and that they will be the next generation of ambassadors for peace.

We will always remember them.

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