Friday, 14 August 2009

Featherston exhibition will be closed on Sunday 16/08/09 at 4 pm

The exhibition closes at 4.00pm next Sunday and Mayor Staples has invited all the volunteers who have staffed the exhibition, Anzac Club members and Councillors to a closing celebration to commence at 4.30pm because everybody did a great job. Since they have the live Web Cam they will assemble everyone at 5.30pm NZT. This has been an outstanding success and a “collective thank you” would be very appropriate for all the volunteers who worked with us as an international team without knowing each other. By my calculation this would be 7.30am Belgium time!
I'll give you the link once more :
I hope it works. I want to see those New Zealand friends together, I hope with a good glass of New Zealand wine. Because here it's early morning I will only have some coffee.
We are not only grateful for the offer brought by the soldiers during the Great War but also for all those kind people helping us to bring your history back home.

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