Saturday, 11 July 2009

Exhibition arrives in Featherston

The exhibition arrived in Featherston yesterday around 11.30am. ANZAC Club members were waiting and the larges packing cases were unloaded with a forklift which was supplied by the local “RD1” farm merchandising company. This was a real community effort. All the cases had to be manually carried into the hall – fortunately the two army transport personnel were young, fit and very strong. So along with the ‘older” ANZAC Club members they made short work of moving the cases. Around midday and right on time, two personnel from the Waiouru Army Museum, Alastair and Chris, arrived to get the unpacking and assembly under way. So with the assistance of the Anzac Club and South Wairarapa Mayor, Adrienne Staples, short work was made of the unpacking. It was about this time we realized that each display screen needed to be free standing but we did not have the necessary feet. Fortunately this was not a problem as the local expert Featherston Engineer, Hamish Donald, stepped into the breach and designed and manufactured the feet within a few hours which were much better than the originals! Waimakariri’s Jo Kane arrived mid afternoon and added her expertise to the assembly process. Also Featherston Electrician, Garry Thomas, and chairman of the Community Board, was very busy installing a new security system and applying his expertise to lighting.

Friday night was spent at the Featherston RSA where the visitors were welcomed, well watered and feed. Jo Kane gave an excellent speech on the exhibition and you could see the Featherston people swell with pride at having such an illustrious exhibition at the historic and well loved ANZAC hall.

Today, Saturday, they had an early start at 9am, and arranging the exhibition proceeded at a good pace. By mid afternoon the Waiouru Museum personnel had finished their work and were very pleased with the result. All that remained was some additional lighting to be installed. The exhibition will also be live web cast. So the next stage will be to add the cameras and necessary computer equipment. The NZ telecommunications service provider, Telecom, has very generously provided a broadband connection into the ANZAC Hall at no charge and a telephone line for the security system. The purpose of the webcast is to allow the Belgium friends to view the exhibition live. We hope this should be able to appear on the Passchendaele Blog.

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