Friday, 1 May 2009

Wednesday 22/04/2009 Special View for the Belgians

Off on a tour of the District, from the top…Oxford where Jo introduced them all to the hot pie ( kind of national dish in New Zealand) … the idea of this day was to give the delegation a snapshot of the Waimakariri District, from the top (by the mountains) down to the sea (Waikuku Beach) It was a beautiful day and we got round to see all the main towns and some emerging issues for the Council. After lunch …a quick change saw us back in Christchurch for the special viewing for the Belgium Community. Despite the very mixed messages (no less than 4 different invitations) that the Belgium community received, Lieve did a very good job in resurrecting this evening. Freddy again gave a very good tour and explanation of the exhibition, we then all retired to the BBC, for a very enjoyable reception with lovely finger food and good Belgium beer. Mayor Cardoen was even allowed to break the rules(only New Zealand food, wine and beer). We were joined by the Amercian interim Ambassador .
We then enjoyed a late dinner, with some very good speeches…
Mark who runs the BBC is very supportive of the work the Trust is doing and they look forward to working further with him

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