Friday, 1 May 2009

Thursday 23/04/2009 A Day Off

A very early start for the long drive to Kaikoura.. But a beautiful day and so the scenery on the day, much admired by the delegation.
Onto the whale watch boat…we had hardly started the tour when we caught up with the Orcas(Killer Whales) this was truly special as they are not often seen and we witnessed a very special display by a large male and a female…we were so close……... very very special. We then headed off to see the large sperm whale and again got lucky with him staying up for over 10 minutes before his dive. We also saw the royal albatross and many species of seabirds, went back to the Orcas, saw the seals….a magnificent experience (even for New Zealanders). This was an very special experience.
We had 20 minutes spare, so we went to the Kaikoura Marae, this is a very special marae with very colourful carved panels… we also got lucky in that a friend of Jo Kane was able to give us a very quick interpretation of them (It usually takes 2 hours… Jo gave him 5 minutes) This was an added bonus.
Then down to lunch with Kaikoura Mayor Kevin Heays.
Back down the plains to meet the Hurunui Mayor Gary Jackson and President and Secretary of the RSA at the Charles Upham VC Statue for a quick meet and greet before arriving on time at the Rangiora RSA.
Well what a night…very simple format….a typical New Zealand Sunday Roast and a sing along. They enjoyed the presentations but not as much as we enjoyed the honour given to Freddy and Mayor Cardoen of Life Membership to the Rangiora RSA

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