Friday, 1 May 2009

Monday 27/04/2009 - Tuesday 28/04/2009

Ingrid and Els are staying one day in Christchurch before going home to do some shopping and visit a farm.
We, the rest of the delegation have a meeting with Mayor Adrienne and Don Staples about the exhibiton who will open at 16/07/2009 in Featherston.
With the plane we are heading for Wellington.
A quick visit to lay a wreath at the National War Memorial were the first venue of the exhibition was.
Tim was playing the Carillion especially for the delegation when we arrived.
It was a bit embarrassing as there was no wreath amongst all the countries who had laid them on Anzac day from the Belgium community. We thanked Paul Riley for his sterling work for the Wellington exhibition and Tim took us up to the top and again played the Carillion for the delegation.
We then invited both Rowland Woods and Don Staples to lunch at the Belgian Beer Café together with Tim and the delegation.
Then off to Featherston.
We all stayed at Mayor and Don Staples beautiful home…what a wonderful treat…..a fantastic home cooked meal consisting of crayfish, lamb and wonderful deserts, all served with the most exquisite Martinbourgh wines. Together with us was invited Wim Julicher ( from the Netherlands who could speak his mother tongue) with his wife Sue Darling and Solitaire, a councillor from Wairarapa.
A typical kiwi breakfast followed by a visit to the Museum, the Anzac hall, cemetery and the memorials.
Mayor Dirk Cardoen and Rita his wife then left for there private trip on the North Island and after lunch Don drove Jo and Freddy back to the airport.
Jo and Freddy had a debrief (as much as we could do as tired as we both were) and then they both departed………Jo to Waikuku beach and Freddy back to Belgium.
New Zealand we are still grateful, to your country and to the people. We made very good contacts to maintain the twinning and friendship between both districts.

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