Saturday, 18 April 2009

Moving to Christchurch

I'm part of the delegation and I'm on my way to Christchurch for the opening of the exhibition. Currently I'm waiting in London, to catch my plane to Bangkok, then I go to Sydney and finally to New Zealand. Within 2 hours I'm on my way.
I was lucky I could have a computer at Heathrow airport to make this message.
We arrive at Christchurch on Monday 20 April at 1.35 PM if everything is according the plan!!!
We will open the exhibition on the 21th, but we are staying for ANZAC day with our friends in Waimakariri.
We are travelling 2 days to go to New Zealand.
It's a long time and not easy because we are not used to do this. Think only to the soldiers who came from New Zealand to the Western Front, it was 7 weeks on a ship. They didn't got the same accomodation either. And we don't even speak about the food they got. What we are doing is nothing when you compare it to what they have done. Almost 1 on 5 didn't return at home.

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