Wednesday, 4 March 2009

LtCol George King will be remembered....

Lieutenant-Colonel George Augustus King , husband of Annie Letitia King, of 27, Fairview Crescent, Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand , served in Egypt and Gallipoli, native of Christchurch was killed in action at the age of 32 year when a shell from the supporting barrage exploded at the Ravebeek in Passchendaele at 5.40 am on 12 October 1917 .
He was Commanding Officer (CO) of the 1st Canterbury Battalion. He was former CO of the Maori Pioneer Battalion. His body was recovered by the Maori Pioneers, who buried him behind the frontline.
His daughter Nan, is at the age of 95 years still remembering her father very well and she keeps his memory alive. Some personal belongings of her father are kept as a real treasure in the family. On the picture she is holding her teddy bear - a gift from LtCol King - with the ribbon of his dog tag around the neck and his binoculars. On the floor his photograph with his medals. Nan herself was a nurse during WWII. She is one of some few surviving children of WWI soldiers who have been killed during the Great War.