Friday, 27 February 2009

Making the exhibition has started today in New Zealand

Today, Memorial Museum Passchendaele's curator Franky Bostyn arrived in Wellington to start making the exhibition in the Hall of Memories in the National War Memorial He's very excited about the venue and we are all grateful to the curator Paul Riley who give us tremendous help in all the work that has to be done. Visit the website of the National War Memorial and read the section about the carillon to wee that there is another link between our two countries. Staf Nees has, amongst others played the carillon. He was former director of the Royal Carillon School 'Jef Denyn' and City Carillonist in Mechelen, Belgium.

The New Zealand Unknown Soldier has been brought home in 2004. On that occasion the party has been visiting Flanders' Battlefields before heading for New Zealand.

We do have more shared memories than we can imagine.

Also the New Zealand Army started with the transport from Auckland to Wellington today. All the items of the exhibition have been transported from Antwerp/Belgium to Auckland on a ship.
The panels have been printed and designed in New Zealand. This is one of the many things that could be arranged over the internet. Also, the flyers and newsletters are written, designed and printed in New Zealand. Lauren McKenzie, director of The Primrose Group is in charge of all this designing, printing and writing and is doing a great job for the exhibition.